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Saint Anne Parish

Saint Anne Parish

Short message from Fr. Lawrence R. Brito

2nd Sunday of Lent 2024


Listen to him!

       When I was growing up, our neighborhood was filled with children.  We could find many friends in our little neighborhood.  I notice though, that some of my friends would not come over to our house or if they would they would flee as soon as my Father came home.  They were afraid of my father because to them he looked intimidating and they thought he was mean. This was far from the truth. They didn’t know him and because of this they feared him. Their fear made no sense to me because I knew my dad and he was not mean at all.

       I think it is the same with today’s gospel, our heavenly Father speaks to the apostles  “This is my Beloved Son with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” When the Father spoke the disciples fell down in fear. They become frighten because they do not know their Father in Heaven. But that is why Jesus came to show us his Father.  One of Jesus’ apostles asked him “show us the Father and that will be enough” Jesus responded “I have been with you so long and you still don’t understand; who ever has seen me has seen the Father” It is through the person of Jesus that we can come to know our Heavenly Father.

     Jesus tells his Apostle “Be not afraid” My Father is good, gentile and merciful.  Don’t be afraid of him and talk to him like you talk to me. And so we dare to say “Our Father who art in Heaven…” We are taught by Jesus to address God in a very familiar way. When you are truly part of the family you are not afraid of the Father, especially if the Father is Love

      When John in the Jordan baptized Jesus, the Father spoke saying: “This is my Beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.”

       The last words of the Blessed Virgin Mary recorded in the Gospel were:

“Do whatever he tells you” referring to Jesus her Son.

        And finally our heavenly Father speaks one last time, saying: “This is my Beloved Son with whom I am well pleased; listen to him!”

        My children, I think the Father tells us, “I love you so much, if you only knew. I have sent you my beloved Son. Please, I beg you, listen to him!! He will save you if you listen to him and follow his example of faithfulness and goodness. He is the only way to me. Listen to him and come to me. It is my will that you be saved; please make it your will also. Listen to him and do what ever he tells you to do.” Amen

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