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Saint Anne Parish

Saint Anne Parish

Short message from Fr. Lawrence R. Brito

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time


In the first reading today, from the book of Genesis, we encounter God’s dialog with  Adam and Eve just after the fall. The man hides himself from God because, as he said, he was afraid because he was naked. Wasn’t the man naked before the fall? And did he not speak and walk with God with out fear? The answer was that before the fall the man was not naked, rather he was clothed with grace. But because they were disobedient, they fell from grace and they are living in shame. They befriended the serpent in the graden and believed his subtle lie. They lost trust in God and believed the snake. How many people today would rather listen to Satan than God, the Word made flesh?

In todays Gospel Jesus must have been driving out demons from those who were possessed. When the Scribes accuse Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebul(Satan), and said that by the prince of demons he drives out demons. They blasphemed against the Holy Spirit, which Jesus says is the sin that can never be forgiven. For they said Jesus had an unclean Spirit. We must be very careful to never do this sin.

St. Paul in the second reading is reminding us to trust and believe Jesus message of hope and resurrection through the Holy Spirit. We need to put our trust in Jesus and do whatever he tells us. Amen

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